Acid-Etched Glass Products

Acid-etched glass is a popular decorative glass that provides a smooth and classic look in a variety of finishes. Annealed glass is treated with hydrofluoric acid to give the surface a satin frosted look. This type of glass maintains its look and finish over time and is easy to maintain. Our selection of patterns varies in light transmission and privacy levels. Frosted glass is very similar, but produced instead through physical treatment of material blasting, typically with sand, to achieve a similar look to acid-etched glass. Both acid-etched and frosted finishes produce varying levels of obscurity, while still allowing in natural light from outside, or from room to room.

Applications and Fabrication

Applications include shower doors, office doors and windows, kitchen and etched glass windows, etched glass doors, decorative glass walls, and glass furniture. Acid-etched glass is an excellent option for applications where you desire privacy and decorative quality. Our selection of glass comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be cut to size. Most of our acid-etched products can be tempered and laminated as well.

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