Specialty glass products make for versatile furniture pieces in modern and traditional homes or offices. From coffee tables to end tables and antique mirror to wall art, there are so many ways to make your interior space sleek with decorative glass. Read more on our favorite glass products and some ideas for glass furniture.

Glass Tables

Glass tables are a unique way to enhance your home whether the décor is modern or traditional. Some of the most popular textured glass selections for interior tables include GNA 10mm, Antik 17 10mm, Clear Sahara, and Etre 10mm. Digitally printed glass tables are also breaking into the design scene as we’re able to fabricate colored glass tables and replicate surfaces such as wood grain, granite and various colors of marble patterns. Non-reflective glass is great for printed designs as it gives the patterns a more authentic look. Besides being a brand-new technology, digitally printed glass surfaces that mimic marble/ granite are easy to clean and non-porous. The textured and printed glass can be cut-to-size to fit most conventional table sizes in square, rectangular, circular or custom shapes. Additional fabrication is minimal, 10mm is the standard thickness for the tables and flat polished edges will ensure a smooth look and finish. Glass tempering, the process of extreme heating and cooling to toughen the glass, is recommended for tables. Tempered glass is up to 2x tougher than regular annealed glass and breaks into smaller pieces, reducing the occurrence of injury. Applications include dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables and meeting room or office tables.

Antique Mirror

Vintage looking antique mirror lends a more luxurious look to homes or retail spaces over conventional clear mirror. Antique mirror comes in a variety of colors, patterns and levels of obscurity. Mirrors can be cut to size and edges polished for a finished look, there is no tempering available on mirror glass. Some great ideas for applications include wall mounted cut-to-size trio panels, larger pieces framed, backsplash and furniture inserts. A glass design representative can help you choose the best mirror for your space, request a sample of our best sellers today.

Wall Art

Printed glass wall art is a state-of-the-art technology that few have seen or heard of. With digital glass printing, you can print a file (AI, .tiff, .jpeg) or custom design onto clear glass panel for your wall. Digitally printed glass prints at a precision of 1400 dpi in durable ceramic frit ink. Print high resolution photos and designs onto clear float glass, non-reflective glass or textured glass. All glass will be tempered to permanently bond the ink into the glass, polished or beveled edges will give a nice finished look. Stock photos are available to print upon request- check out some of the projects we have done throughout the past year.

Specialty glass in the realm of furniture and art is becoming increasingly popular with interior designers and architects. The pieces can be as simple or intricate as your imagination desires, with new digital printing technologies, the sky is the limit for design versatility. Most products can be designed and fabricated to meet your specifications. Designer glass can accommodate all types of budgets and project sizes, no project is too large or small to take on. Contact us today to get started on your personal or professional design project.