Specialty Glass Applications

With our wide selection of specialty pattern glass and state-of-the-art processing capabilities, we can accommodate a variety of glass applications. We cater to large design projects, as well as homeowners who may only need a few panels for cabinet and door inserts. Our glass experts have years of experience to assist you in selecting the best glass for your project. Our fabrication catalog includes shower doors, glass tabletops, cabinet glass, sliding glass doors, frosted privacy glass, glass door inserts, and more. We fabricate all of our safety glass and furniture products in-house. Safety glass includes tempered glass, laminated glass, or IG glass units. Check out some of our client’s most requested applications and best-selling glass recommendations below.

specialty cabinet glass inserts

With a 3-6mm thickness, cabinet glass is one of the most popular uses for pattern glass. We are able to cut and fabricate almost any of our pattern glass options for cabinet glass inserts. We carry a variety of obscure, patterned, frosted, and antique specialty glass. These types of specialty glasses can add charm and character to your cabinets.

Clear Honeycomb


Crown Glass Heavy 

glass door with black frame

We manufacture many exterior and interior door glass options that are at least 4mm thick. Our capabilities include laminating and insulating for glass entry door inserts. Ask about any of our pattern glass fabricated for safety for your front exterior or interior door.


GNA Clear

1/2″ Reeded


sliding glass door applications

Sliding doors require heavier glass that is at least 10mm thick for safety and hardware options. Check out our selection of sliding glass barn doors for home or office applications. We offer a variety of textured glass as well as printed options. Choose your door track and hardware to go along with the doors. All doors can be cut to accommodate your specific door opening. These barn doors truly add a touch of elegance to the room.

Glass Shower Doors

glass shower door applications

Frameless glass shower are a popular application of 10mm thick and heavier pattern glass options. Our heavy glass selection is also perfect for shower door applications. The obscure textured glass is a great option for adding privacy to your bathroom space. With our digital printing capabilties, you can print photographic images, gridlines, colors, and so much more! Add some flare to your bathroom with our glass and printing capabilities.

Glass Walls & Partitions

pattern glass walls and partitions, frosted and opaque glass

Used across many industries, our 10mm thick glass options are perfect for glass walls and partitions where privacy is a necessity, but without blocking natural light from a room or area. Glass partitions are popular for restaurants, office buildings, salons, and residential spaces. We carry a wide variety of heavy decorative glass to fabricate glass walls and partitions. Our selection of acid etched and textured glass is unmatched. Browse our glass selection:

10mm Heavy Glass

SofTones™ Colored Glass

Acid Etch Glass

Glass Countertops & Backsplash

glass kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, lacquered glass backsplash

With a wide range of 10mm and thicker glass options, we have your glass countertop and backsplash options covered. Our selection of painted colored glass and digitally printed glass are great for kitchen backsplash and countertop applications. We have a variety of stock images ready to print on non-reflective glass to give your kitchen backsplash a unique matte finish.

Furniture Glass

furniture glass, table glass, table inserts

Glass furniture and inserts such as table inserts may require heavier glass. We provide many 4-10mm thick options for your glass furniture needs. Our glass furniture capabilities include glass table tops (round, square, dining room, and end tables), antique mirror panels, and digitally printed glass wall art.

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