Cabinet Glass

At Architectural Glass, we stock decorative glass to fit all types of interiors. From modern to farmhouse, we have a specialty glass product to fit your cabinet style. Check out our most popular decorative cabinet glass categories and products below.

Reed & Cross Reed Pattern Glass

Reed and cross reed glass is a great option for cabinet doors in a variety of home styles. This textured glass goes well in modern and industrial cabinet doors. The size of the reeds can vary in thickness, ranging from a 1/16” reed to a 1” reed. Characteristics of the reed decorative glass include a vertical linear pattern with moderate to heavy distortion. Cross reed glass has vertical and horizontal lines overlapping, it also has moderate to heavy distortion. All reeded glass options in this selection come with the option of tempering and other fabrication capabilities.

Antique & Restoration Glass

Antique cabinet glass is characterized by distortion, waves, pits, and seeds throughout the glass while maintaining high clarity. Antique glass is great for modern farmhouse interiors, Victorian interiors, and any space that requires vintage glass. This is the perfect choice for keeping the items in your cabinets framed and on display behind a distinguished and tasteful glass panel

Wire Pattern Glass

Chicken wire glass was a popular glass type in the early 20th century. Today, this vintage style glass is popular for farmhouse style interiors and restoration homes and properties. Perfect for cabinet inserts, door inserts, or decorative displays.

Colored Glass

A subtle tint found in Colored Glass is a beautiful accent to cabinet doors and furniture. The glass colors found in this collection are digitally printed onto glass using ceramic frit ink. You can try custom colors in varying levels of opacity to get the perfect color for your interiors. Printed colors on pattern glass bring out the unique designs and offer a one of a kind look.

Frosted Pattern Glass

Frosted or acid etched glass options provide a smooth obscure effect. Modern interiors and a variety of cabinet finishes go great with frosted glass. The obfuscation of acid-etched cabinet glass can uniquely blur cabinet contents while retaining the elegant aesthetic of glass cabinet inserts.

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