Printed Chicken Wire Glass on Winterlake™

Chicken wire glass is traditionally made with laminated glass and wire interlayer. This chicken wire glass is printed on Winterlake™ seedy glass. Printed wire glass can be utilized in cabinets, doors, or accent windows for an industrial finish. Unlike traditional wire glass, printed chicken wire glass comes in 4mm (5/32″) thickness. The glass can be easily cut to size to fit your project specifics. Ask our sales reps about printing on any selection of our pattern glass.


Please note that our cutting tolerances are +/- 1/16″. The pattern of the glass will run with the 2nd dimension (H”) as listed on your purchase order W” x H”. The pattern is always cut with the height unless specified otherwise.

Additional information

Weight 2.125 lbs
Dimensions 0.15625 × 12 × 12 in
Product ID

Chicken Wire Printed on Winterlake Glass

Standard Sheet Size

Not Available in Sheets, cut to size only

Thickness Available

5/32" (4mm)

Safety Options

Laminated, Insulated IG, Tempering Available

Sample Size


  • A few standard size samples are available to order online. For unique sizes or specialty fabrication, please Contact Us
  • Lead time 4-5 working days, overnight call to pay for
  • Shipped regular FedEx

Please call us toll-free: 1-866-621-2724 for current pricing information.


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