Novoglass Clear


Please note that our cutting tolerances are +/- 1/16″. The pattern of the glass will run with the 2nd dimension (H”) as listed on your purchase order W” x H”. The pattern is always cut with the height unless specified otherwise.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 0.15625 × 4 × 4 in
Product ID

BR 001 (4mm), BR 5106 (6mm), BR 5100 (10mm)

Standard Sheet Size

89" x 126" (4mm), 72" x 96" (6mm), 63" x 89" (10mm)

Thickness Available

5/32" (4mm), 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (10mm)

Safety Options

Laminated, Insulated IG, Tempering available

Additional Fabrication

Cut to size, Polished edges

Sample Size


Sample Thickness

89" x 126" (4mm), 63" x 89" (10mm)

  • A few standard size samples are available to order online. For unique sizes or specialty fabrication, please Contact Us
  • Lead time 4-5 working days, overnight call to pay for
  • Shipped regular FedEx

Please call us toll-free: 1-866-621-2724 for current pricing information.


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