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How Glass Surfaces Can Help Keep Your Workspace Clean

Why are glass surfaces more hygienic?

Social distancing is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot lately and it may not be going away as quickly as it arrived. As the economy opens up in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, things such as shaking someone’s hand will seem taboo as we find ourselves shedding these kinds of traditions and adopting a more guarded approach in not only greeting each other but in how we share a workspace. These new guidelines will force decision-makers to consider just how sanitary is their work environment for both employees and visitors. This will be the all-important question as we return to a world of shared spaces and an excellent place to start is to analyze the surfaces of your area. How many of the hard-to-clean, porous surfaces can be replaced with a non-porous, durable, and design-friendly glass option? Architectural glass is available in a variety of styles and thicknesses which makes it a great option for both countertops and desktops. Glass is the perfect material for transparent individual barriers at shared workstations or larger conference rooms as an easy to clean partition wall. Choose from the vast selection of pattern glass options, back-painted glass, printed glass, and antique mirror glass. You can opt for the glass to have safety features such as tempering and laminating as well. You can transform your workstations with glass surfaces in beautiful styles and textures.