Circa 1900™ Low-E

Our Solar 1900 low-e glass is made here in the USA and sold exclusively by Hollander Glass. A truly innovative breakthrough in the energy efficient Restoration Window Glass market. Our Circa 1900 Low-e is made in same manner as our Circa 1900, one sheet at a time by the heat cast method. However were it is truly different is that we are using as base glass a domestic Pyrolitic low-e glass.

Low-e glass is a type of treated glass that conducts visible light while limiting the passage of heat. Low-e stands for low-emissivity. Circa 1900 Low-e glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat being allowed in and out of a home or environment. Heat transferred through glass is measured by the U-factor. This is the rate at which glass conducts non solar heat flowing through it. The lower the U-factor rating, the more energy efficient the glass. Low-e glass allows visible light to pass through it while blocking heat-generating ultraviolet light, requiring less artificial heating or cooling to keep a room at the desired temperature.

Hollander Solar 1900 low-e energy efficient window glass can be used when both safety glazing and energy efficiency are required, as it temperable it eliminates the need for costly insulated and laminated units.


Please note that our cutting tolerances are +/- 1/16″. The pattern of the glass will run with the 2nd dimension (H”) as listed on your purchase order W” x H”. The pattern is always cut with the height unless specified otherwise.

Additional information

Product ID

RG 1900E



Glass Characteristics

Light diffuse waves, Energy Efficient

Standard Sheet Size

30” x 70" up to 60” x 84”

Usa Historical Period


Manufacturing Method

Hollander Process

Fabrication Options

Cut to size, Laminated safety, Insulated IG, Tempered (4mm and up only)

Thickness Available

1/8" (3mm), Additional Thicknesses available by request only

Sample Size


  • A few standard size samples are available to order online. For unique sizes or specialty fabrication, please Contact Us
  • Lead time 4-5 working days, overnight call to pay for
  • Shipped regular FedEx

Please call us toll-free: 1-866-621-2724 for current pricing information.