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Reeded Glass: Top 3 interior applications

Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded Pattern Glass
Acid etched glass Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded Pattern Glass
Reeded sandblasted pattern glass
Cross Reeded Pattern Glass
1/4 inch reeded glass

Reeded Glass Applications

Reeded glass is a popular decorative glass used in a variety of interior applications, from cabinet glass inserts to door panels. This glass is great for modern and antique applications.

Cabinet Glass Inserts

Textured glass is a great addition to kitchen cabinet doors if you want to add a subtle charm. Reed glass in cabinet doors adds privacy and a sleek look. The flutes in reed glass can range from 1/8″ to 1″ wide. The size of the flutes gives added obscurity to the glass. Some of our favorite reed glass for cabinets include 1/4″ reeded1/2″ reeded1″ reeded, and reeded sandblasted. All of these options add obscurity and privacy to your kitchen cabinets.

Glass Door Inserts

Interior and exterior doors can benefit from high-design glass inserts. Classic clear float glass can be boring, textured glass options are great for this application. Privacy and design aesthetic are two ways that this glass can add value to doors. Most door companies offer a variety of patterned and textured glass to choose from. Reeded glass is contemporary and goes well with most home styles. The glass can be a variety of thicknesses or laminated for safety. You can also laminate different sizes of reeds together to make an optical illusion.

Frameless Glass Doors and Glass Barn Doors

Glass barn doors or office doors are another popular application for reed glass. You can opt for clear low iron reeded glass or print custom colors with digital glass printing. This glass is sure to turn heads in the home or office setting. 1/2″ reeded glass in 10mm thickness is the best option for a frameless door. Additional fabrication can be completed to make the door your desired thickness.