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Use Printed Glass in Your Kitchen Remodel

Printed Glass in Kitchen Remodels

Do you have kitchen design projects that could use some fresh ideas and unique building materials? The up-and-coming concept of direct to glass printing with ceramic frit ink is now accessible to the residential interior design world. Digital glass printing, seen mainly in the realm of larger commercial projects (building facades, airport terminals, etc.) for the past 10 years, is now making a splash in homes and retail spaces. These three kitchen design ideas using printed glass will give you some fresh, affordable, and truly customizable offerings for a kitchen refresh.

Before we dive into design ideas, here are some key considerations that will help you understand a little bit more about the feasibility of printed glass in home interiors.

Considerations for Printed Glass

  • Price point: There are product offerings for all price points! Most ceramic inks come with basic inks and luxury inks (think metallics, real gold, platinum, etc.) that would accommodate a variety of budgets
  • Safety: All glass that goes through the printing process is tempered ensuring that it is a form of safety glass. Products can also be laminated or insulated, another form of safety glass.
  • Versatility: The different looks can go in virtually any style of kitchen: country farmhouse, old world, contemporary, Mediterranean, coastal and traditional.

Printed Glass backsplash

Kitchen or bar area Backsplash provides some of the most unique offerings when it comes to digitally printed glass for interiors. Some benefits to having glass backsplash include ease of cleaning, simple installation, cost effective (in most cases) and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that printed glass offers. If the kitchen you are designing has a modern look, the marble designs are fully customizable based on the needs of the client. Other striking designs include brick, stone, wood grains, subway tile, Mediterranean tiles, photo-real images, and much more. Digital printing can make the not-so-practical wood and brick materials a very real option. The glass is durable through water and heat elements that are inevitable culprits of wear and tear in kitchens. You have the option to print on the non-reflective glass to give designs a matte look.

Printed Glass Countertops

Counter and bar tops are another great way to incorporate printed glass in the kitchen. You can get creative here with colors, textured glass, and design methods. Some popular designs include Marble and Stone patterns. These prints can be taken a step further with shimmery metallic inks added to the veins for a nice variation in texture. Solid colors printed on textured glass seen below, are great bar top options when laminated to desired thickness. Glass fabrication be finished with a nice polished edge to complete the look.

Cabinet Glass

Specialty cabinet glass can really compliment a kitchen. There are so many ways to accentuate cabinets with specialty glass. The first is chicken wire printed onto clear float glass or pattern glass. The chicken wire pattern can be printed in different colors or sizes to fit your needs. The great thing about this concept is that a traditional laminated unit with chicken wire would be too heavy to feature in kitchen cabinets, not to mention it is significantly more expensive to fabricate. With the printer, a realistic wire pattern can be printed onto 4mm pattern glass in a quick and cost-efficient process. The second design incorporates colors on pattern glass, such as frosted bamboo or winterlake glass. In this process, designers can print ANY color onto a selected area of pattern for the glass. The result is a contemporary pop of color for cabinets, kitchen transoms, and accent windows.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas to inspire your next kitchen design project. The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of the home, and we’re excited to show off some fun new ways to use decorative glass. To discuss your ideas, contact a design rep today!