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Antique Mirror Ideas for your Home

Antique Mirror Ideas for Decorating

About Antique Mirror

We all have mirrors somewhere in our homes, apartments, or offices. The majority of mirrors are clear, have a functional purpose, and are cut in square or rectangular shapes. Antique mirrors have a vintage look and are used functionally, as well as for decorative flair. Their vintage look is reminiscent of a distressed mirror from centuries past.  They are becoming increasingly popular in interior design for homes, offices, restaurants, and bars. These mirrors come in a variety of colors, patterns, and custom fabrication options.

Antique Mirror in Backsplash

Commonly seen in kitchen nooks or behind a bar set-up, antiqued mirror backsplash is sure to wow a crowd. Antique mirror tiles can be cut into small, medium, or large pieces to fit the interior space. Simple styles such as White Antique Mirror go well with almost any classic or farmhouse design theme.

Antique Mirrors for Living Rooms

You can have a lot of fun with shapes and striking colors when you decorate with an antique mirror in your living room. You can customize the size, shape, and opt for beveled or polished edges. Mirrors can be cut into one large statement piece, or two-three smaller pices strategically placed on the wall. Antique mirrors can go in a frame or  unframed with edgework. Make a statement in mid-century modern or oriental-inspired designs with blue Venitian Polvere Di Selle mirror. For a luxurious and opulent room, a non-reflective mirror would be a great accent. Sand Dollar and Tuscan Mist mirror are subtle with an iridescent quality.

How to Order Online

Once you have chosen the antique mirror pattern, gather all of the size and safety requirements. Your mirror can be made to order in the exact size and quantities that you need. If you’re not sure what color or pattern goes best with your interior, sample sizes are a great way to ensure you get exactly what you want. Antique Mirror can add a luxourious touch to almost any interior!