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Cabinet Glass Inserts

Decorative Cabinet Glass

Decorative cabinet glass can add a unique touch of charm to your kitchen or furniture piece. There are so many options to choose from, like pattern glass, wavy glass, and even printed glass. We will discuss glass options below to help you choose the best decorative glass for your cabinets or furniture.

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Frosted Cabinet Glass

Frosted glass, otherwise known as acid-etched glass has an elegant and sleek appearance. It gives your cabinets a classy, yet private design. You can find etched glass available in various opacities and with patterns. You will be able to see only silhouettes for most objects behind the glass. Check out the Novomat and Novoglass products if looking to add a clean, satin finish glass to your cabinets.

Fluted Cabinet Glass

Fluted Glass, otherwise known as ribbed or reeded glass, is a linear textured glass offered in various pattern dimensions. For a wide-set pattern, a half-inch fluted glass such as the Half Inch Reed is an ideal choice. This product allows light to come through, while also maintaining a medium level of privacy. If looking for a ribbed texture with a tighter pattern, explore the Reed EstriadoEstriado provides a higher level of obscurity while also allowing for light and limited details to pass through. This product has a tight 1/8 inch ribbed surface texture similar to that of corduroy.

Seedy Cabinet Glass

Seeded glasses are an incredibly special product with an intricate look. There are different variants of this product available each with its own quality and flare. At its core, the seedy product is comprised of bubbles uniquely frozen in time during the manufacturing process. The Seedy Glass option finds itself well suited for traditional and vintage kitchen designs. However, these seedy products can provide a beautifully subtle nod to the old world in any modern kitchen design.

Pattern Glass

Beyond the more typical clear and frosted glass solutions, Pattern glass is an excellent option when it comes to your cabinetry. Available in a variety of obscurities and styles, Pattern glass comes in subtle textures such as the Lakeland Flemish or NueWave. These display a soft, yet deliberate fluidity, adding light-medium obscurity to your cabinetry. To add a more eye-catching glass to your home, some of the higher design pattern glass options include Clear Honeycomb and WinterlakeThese options display their own attractive and fascinating aesthetic. For a great product that incorporates both a unique design and a high level of obscurity, check out the Master Soft.

Colored Glass

The colored glass featured in the SofTones™ section is a collection of tints applied using direct to glass digital printing. Subtle colors bring out the pattern and obscurity of the decorative glass. You can experiment with different shades and opacities to make a custom glass insert. The shades of pink and grey found online are in variations of 100%, 50%, and 25% opacity. The lower percentage means that less of the color is applied to the glass.

Restoration Window Glass

For all intents and purposes, Restoration Window Glass is a product used in the restoration or recreation of old-world cabinetry, windows, and doors. These wavy glass products are created using the same exact methods as early glass production. In some cases, these products use modern equipment to recreate the style of glass made in the previous centuries. The Circa 1900 and Old World Colonial glass products are an excellent choice for a light and elegantly distorted glass with an old-world feel. These products also maintain function as a see-through window with limited privacy. The perfect choice for keeping the items in your cabinets framed and on display behind a distinguished and tasteful glass panel. For heavier restoration, try the Crown Glass Heavy restoration product.

Chicken Wire Glass

Traditional chicken wire glass adds an antique farmhouse charm to cabinets and transoms. For cabinet inserts, traditional wire glass may be too thick and heavy. A great alternative to this is digitally printed chicken wire glass. Check out the Chicken Wire printed on Clear Glass, or print to Seedy Glass to add a more antique look. The color and size of the wire can be customized and you can print on almost any pattern or textured glass. This glass is a truly unique product.

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