Glass barn door upgrades are a great way to modernize any interior room. There are so many unique options to choose from. Barn doors are not just for farmhouse interiors anymore, frameless glass barn doors are now making a splash in the design world. With decorative glass, you can choose the best option for your home style and privacy level. Glass options range from decorative pattern glass to acid etch glass and even printed glass options.

Fabrication and Hardware

Collecting measurements is the first step in the selection process. For the glass barn doors, you can have glass cut to be any size needed (within maximum size restrictions of the glass). Glass barn doors can range anywhere from 8mm (5/16″) to 20mm (13/16″) in thickness. All glass must be tempered for safety and durability. Glass lamination is another safety option that adds thickness and toughness. For edgework, polished or seamed edges are the best options for a sleek and clean look. The most popular hardware sets are stainless steel or black matte. The tracks for glass barn doors are generally smaller and sleeker than those for traditional wood doors.

Glass Options

There are so many glass options from acid etch glass to decorative textured glass and printed glass. You can tailor the door style to the room decor with glass. Traditional barn doors can be hard to fit into modern settings. With decorative glass, you can control the privacy level, depending on the room. If you want more privacy, an acid etched glass is a great option. Some popular high privacy acid etch options include cannes, escenscia, mediterrena, or screen acid etch. Some of the more transparent glass options include bubbles, glue chip, and reeded.

New design options include digital printing for glass doors. With digital printing, the design options are vast. You can print textures, patterns, colors, and images to fit a variety of design themes. Some popular printed glass doors for 2022 include marble and printed iron grids. Printed iron doors such as the  3 lite over 1 panel, are great for an industrial feel. Marble textured prints, like portoro and portobello are classy and modern designs. Printed glass offers a sleek and easy-to-maintain door option with endless design possibilities.

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