What Is Float Glass? 

float glass

Float glass is the most widely produced form of glass, revered for its versatility and high level of quality. But what exactly is float glass, and why is it such a vital part of countless design applications? Let’s delve further into this remarkable material. Understanding Float Glass: Origins and Production Float glass, put simply, is […]

How Glass Surfaces Can Help Keep Your Workspace Clean

Why are glass surfaces more hygienic? Social distancing is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot lately and it may not be going away as quickly as it arrived. As the economy opens up in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, things such as shaking someone’s hand will seem taboo as we find ourselves […]

Use Printed Glass in Your Kitchen Remodel

Printed Glass in Kitchen Remodels Do you have kitchen design projects that could use some fresh ideas and unique building materials? The up-and-coming concept of direct to glass printing with ceramic frit ink is now accessible to the residential interior design world. Digital glass printing, seen mainly in the realm of larger commercial projects (building […]

Glass Furniture Inspiration


Glass Furniture Inspiration Specialty glass products make for versatile furniture pieces in modern and traditional homes or offices. From glass tables to antique mirrors and wall art, there are so many ways to make your interior space sleek with specialty glass. Read more on new glass fabrication technology and get some ideas for glass furniture. […]

Cabinet Glass Inserts

Decorative Cabinet Glass Decorative cabinet glass can add a unique touch of charm to your kitchen or furniture piece. There are so many options to choose from, like pattern glass, wavy glass, and even printed glass. We will discuss glass options below to help you choose the best decorative glass for your cabinets or furniture. […]

Antique Mirror Ideas for your Home

Antique Mirror Ideas for Decorating About Antique Mirror We all have mirrors somewhere in our homes, apartments, or offices. The majority of mirrors are clear, have a functional purpose, and are cut in square or rectangular shapes. Antique mirrors have a vintage look and are used functionally, as well as for decorative flair. Their vintage […]

What is Wavy Glass?

Properties of Wavy Glass The early manufacturing methods for float glass caused subtle waves to appear. Glass produced between the 1700s and early 1900s have this antique “wavy glass” appearance. Another name for the old-looking glass is restoration window glass. The distortion and imperfections appear when looking at the glass from angles or looking straight […]

Reeded Glass: Top 3 interior applications

Reeded Glass Applications Reeded glass is a popular decorative glass used in a variety of interior applications, from cabinet glass inserts to door panels. This glass is great for modern and antique applications. Cabinet Glass Inserts Textured glass is a great addition to kitchen cabinet doors if you want to add a subtle charm. Reed glass in […]

Digital Glass Printing is the Future of Glass Design

What is Digital Glass Printing? Digital glass printing combines technology with artistry to produce high-precision printed glass for a wide variety of applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, printing machines are able to translate digital files into colorful prints on glass. Printed designs can include patterns, textures, graphic art, high-resolution photos, and colors. The glass sizes range […]

Chicken Wire Glass – Vintage Glass

The Beginning of Chicken Wire Glass During the Industrial Revolution, chicken wire glass gained popularity for its durability and fire resistance. The makeup consisted of embedding mesh wire in plate glass. Chicken Wire Glass doesn’t shatter easily and is fire-resistant. In the early 20th century it was a requirement in schools and city buildings to […]